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 MEET OUR          BABIES 

Dewey/Dante is a 4 mth old male BC puppy who  is now about 19 pounds. He is very friendly, sweet, and cuddly. He gets along with other dogs and cats. He loves to play with dogs and sleeps through the night in his crate. He is doing well with house training -  he knows to "go potty" outside and is puppy pad trained in the house. He settles quickly in a crate for naps and eating. Although he is a busy puppy, he is also content to sprawl at your feet for a while while you sit quietly. He wants to be near his people. He loves to play ball or with a soft frisbee (rolled on the ground) and is learning to retrieve the toys for more play, though sometimes he prefers to take them a foot or two away to chew. He has traveled a bit in his foster home to an agility trial and to lessons where he travels well and waits well in his crate. He has met many new dogs of all sizes and has done well greeting all of them.


He learns quickly and loves to work for treats or a game of tug. He is learning to walk politely on leash and is very attentive if you have treats. If not, he wanders and zig zags a bit but doesn't pull. He is sometimes a little shy on walks to things which approach quickly, like joggers, strollers, or cars, but he might just sit or lie down to watch them go by before proceeding on his way. He is still learning about the world, but is curious and sweet and will make an active home a very nice family member.

Dante is being fostered in Columbia, TN.   His adoption fee is $395 which will cover all remaining puppy shots and neuter at appropriate age.  We will require a fenced yard.  

Applications can be found at

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