Dogs seen here are posted to help their owners find homes for them.    Border Collie Rescue WTN makes no representation as to the health or temperament of these dogs but we offer them a chance to find a home through our website.  If you are interested in one of these dogs, please contact the individual listed with the dog.

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Bailey is an Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix (known as a Texas Heeler) born on 10/12/2019. She is spayed and up to date on shots. She is housebroken, but only for up to 6 hours.
She is also kennel trained. She is good with cats, kids (she's protective of them), and other male dogs. She is NOT compatible with other female dogs in the home. She knows "sit,wait," and "sit pretty." She will sometimes do a high five or handshake. She likes the idea of fetch, but is still trying to catch onto bring the ball back. She is off-leash trained but will need to learn her new family before she could be relied on.
Bailey was kept in a kennel with 3 other dogs for the first year of her life. She did not leave this cage. It was a hopeless situation for her.. After she was rescued we set to work on rehabilitating her.
As Bailey has matured, she has become more of a dominant female and is not compaible with other female dogs. Bailey will require a fenced yard and she has a $100 rehoming fee,
She is a good dog who needs the right home. The right home would be a home with another male dog or no other dogs. Cats and families with kids are more than okay. Bailey needs an active home. She is shy around strangers so a kennel is recommended for her care so she has a safe zone to go to when you have company.
If you are interested in Bailey, please contact Katie at


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