A word about our adoption process...

We are often asked about our adoption process, how long it takes and "will I get the dog I want".  Please understand that our mission is to place the right dog in the right home.  Not all border collies are the same and we work hard to match the needs of the dog to the home that can best meet those needs.  We have criteria that we generally live by in adopting.  There is some flexibility depending on the dog but generally:

1.  We require fencing.    If we say "fence required" please do not apply until you have a solid fence (no invisible fence) in place.  

2.  We generally will not adopt to families with children under the age of 6.  Border collies are herding dogs and that intense drive that makes them so appealing to us, also can make them unsuitable as companions for small children .  

3.  If we indicate "border collie experience preferred" it is because we have a dog that we know will be a challenge for someone that is not acquainted with the characteristics of the breed.  Many border collies are intense, intelligent and energetic dogs and sometimes they can be too much for someone that is new to the breed. 


Our Adoptable Boys

but first....


This boy is brand new to our rescue.  He is 55 lbs of the sweetest border collie boy you'll ever meet.  Jackson is just barely a year old and has the energy and playfulness you would expect from a bc.  He is currently in foster care recovering from his neuter and letting us learn more about his personality.  Stay tuned for more information soon.

Meet "Johnny". This stunning boy is an 18 mth old, purebred male border collie. He is of moderate energy for a border collie and does well in the house. He is housebroken but is still learning some basic manners like leaving food alone that isn't his.
He's a loving, sweet, play motivated boy. He loves other dogs every person he meets. He has some border collie herding drive so he is not suitable for a home with very small children as he will try to herd them. He also is a cat herder so he needs a home with no cats.
Johnny is being fostered in the Memphis area. He is neutered, up to date on shots, on heartworm prevention and microchipped. His adoption fee is $275. For more information, please contact: Georgia at 901-216-5035 or complete an online application at www.bordercollierescuewesttn.org We will require a fenced yard for Johnny as we do for all of our dogs.