Adoptables Girls

but first.....

 A word about our adoption process...

We are often asked about our adoption process, how long it takes and "will I get the dog I want".  Please understand that our mission is to place the right dog in the right home.  Not all border collies are the same and we work hard to match the needs of the dog to the home that can best meet those needs.  We have criteria that we generally live by in adopting.  There is some flexibility depending on the dog but generally:

1.  We require fencing.    If we say "fence required" please do not apply until you have a solid fence (no invisible fence) in place.  

2.  We generally will not adopt to families with children under the age of 6.  Border collies are herding dogs and that intense drive that makes them so appealing to us, also can make them unsuitable as companions for small children .  

3.  If we indicate "border collie experience preferred" it is because we have a dog that we know will be a challenge for someone that is not acquainted with the characteristics of the breed.  Many border collies are intense, intelligent and energetic dogs and sometimes they can be too much for someone that is new to the breed. 




This is sweet Daisy! She is a 10 week old female, Border Collie mix. Daisy is an active, smart girl that will do best in a home with a friendly and stable adult dog already in the home. Only homes without children under 13 will be considered. Daisy is slightly cautious in new situations and takes her cues from the Border Collies in her foster home so another dog will be essential.

Daisy will likely be a medium size girl when she grows up. She already knows “sit” and “down” and has started house training as well. She has already had two rounds of vaccines and will need the third in two weeks. All puppy vaccines are covered as part of her adoption fee.

She has also been dewormed three times

Her adopter will be required to sign a spay contract and we will require a home with a fenced yard. Daisy’s adoption is $275 plus a $100 deposit that will be returned after proof of her spay.

If you are interested in meeting Daisy, please complete an application at www.bordercollierescuewesttn.org or contact her foster, Karen, at 615-617-9177


Panda is a 2 year old, female border collie mix.  We rescued her from Memphis Animal Shelter where she found herself after being picked up as a stray.  Panda was terrified in the shelter and has taken a bit of time to learn to trust that people will be good to her.  She LOVES other dogs and will only be adopted to a home with another dog.  It gives her confidence and security to have another dog companion.   If your dog needs a companion and you would love a quiet, sweet girl, Panda might be the girl for you.

She likes to be petted and loved but is very cautious of new people so a new owner would need to understand that Panda comes around in her own time .  She is very gentle and sweet but will probably always be afraid of new people and new places until she can get comfortable.

Panda is spayed, microchipped, housebroken, up to date on vaccines and on heartworm prevention.

Her adoption fee is $230.  Applications are available at www.bordercollierescuewesttn.org.  For more information about Panda, contact her foster, Kelly0728@hotmail.com