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Happy feedback from some of our adopters




.I wanted to send you a picture of sweet Bo and let you know he's doing great.  I love him so much and am blessed daily with his love and friendship.  Thanks for all you do.   ... Pat 8/24/15

Chica... ADCH Platinum (agility) girl!

  Adopted by Jason 2007

Ava is sooo smart...quite the working dog.  She loves to fish & catch bugs.She has a small vocabulary too & is my best bud.  I got lucky & I'm very grateful for your rescue.  Without it, I would not have Ava.       ...Lisa 10/12/15

Pupdate! I just wanted y'all to know that I have had River (formerly Nell) for a little over 2 years now and she will soon be 3! She's one happy pup and I wanted to thank you for everything you do.     ... Kristin 01/13/16

IWe adopted Star from you back in 2008. I wanted to let you know she just got her open Barn Hunt title this weekend! We hadn't done any training since puppy obedience class but I knew she would love barn hunt. We took classes and I had the objective of getting her novice title but when she went on to the open class and kept winning we had to go on! This picture was taken of her and our others on our trip to Acadia Nat'l Park in Maine this past summer. She is a special girl! Thank you for her

                                                                              Ellen 02/15/16

This is "Jasper" a much loved bc/aussie mix boy who was adopted to Art in New York a few years ago.  According to Art, they eat, play and dream together.  An awesome duo!

Kelsey and Farley (on the left) were adopted from us about 11 yrs ago.  They live happily in Seattle with their other dog buddies and a wonderful family.  

"What a difference a yr makes!" says Max's owner.  He was a stray in Paris TN and was adopted after heartworm treatment.  He is now an awesome running companion and cuddler.

  Amanda 4/19/16

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