Floods in Louisiana bring Belle to us

March 2016 brought record flooding to Louisiana. As often happens, animals suffered much of the worst of it as they were displaced, drowned and destroyed. They were an afterthought in all the chaos.

In the middle of all of that, a fellow rescuer deep in Louisiana sent us this picture. A very exhausted, starving and scared border collie girl had used the last of her energy to find shelter in someone's barn. Luckily for her, they were caring people and covered her, emaciated and freezing, in an old towel for the night. The next morning, they looked for and found a kind rescuer nearby to take her. Rescuers know alot of other rescuers and we got a call from the Louisiana rescuer asking us if we could take her into West TN Border Collie Rescue. "Tell us what she's like?" we said. Well, "she's almost starved to death, has elevated liver enzymes, is heartworm positive and is at least 10 yrs old" they said. The easiest thing to do right then would have been to say "we can't help". No telling what all that will cost and very few people have a heart for adopting senior dogs like that. They love them and they feel for them but they don't want to adopt them. We understand that.

But, the rescuer told us, "Belle (she now had a name) is the sweetest, most trusting and gentle girl you can imagine.". That was all it took. "We'll take her!"

So... now we have Belle and she is in a loving, caring foster home (thank you, Karen!). But, her medical bills are going to be difficult for us and will deplete alot of what we hoped to use for other dogs. We're going to do whatever she needs because she trusts us to help her and we've made the commitment. If you can help us with a donation, every penny designated for Belle will go to help. Stay tuned for updates as we bring out the border collie life in this girl.

Donations can be made here via Paypal on our "Donate" link on our website or via check to WestTNBCR at PO Box 2467, Cordova, TN 38088

THANK YOU for your support!

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