Shelby the therapy dog

This is why we love rescue. This is a write up and pictures we received from one of our adopters: "I am Shelby and I used to be 20lbs heavier and very sad for the first two years of my life.. Then one day a volunteer with WTNBorder Collie Rescue came and rescued me from the kennel I shared with numerous other dogs. They helped me to find my forever home where Mom and Dad take me for walks and showed me how to play with these things they call toys. But more important they love me all the time. They also showed me how I could share all this love I have for them with other people in a program called Pet Partners. Mom and I go out as a Pet Therapy Team and visit people who cannot get around very well and some who are very sad. I like going to these people to make them feel better. Their soft caresses and nice smiles make me feel content and happy to be there. Mom and I then go home where Dad is happy to see me and where we play some more before I dream nice dreams in a cozy bed, safe and sound. This is me, Shelby, and I am loved, happy and at home."

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