Molly in McComb

Molly must have been led by a star because she was a sweet, young border collie stray when she found a safe spot to land the other day in McComb, MS. This pretty girl was covered in fleas. ticks and mats and was way too thin from surviving on her own . We were asked to help and we've committed to getting Molly and restoring her hope and her health. Watch for more information soon!

We've had alot of great adoptions of great dogs to great homes! We've learned over the years that sometimes God expects us to step out of our comfort zones and commit to helping a dog in need when we have NO idea of where to put that dog or how to pay the vet bills. Somehow, if we make the commitment, the help comes. Such was the case with "Rascal" that we saved from euthanasia in the shelter. He is a bc mix boy with a huge sweet heart but also some scars from abuse he's taken at someone's hands. We had nowhere to put him but committed anyway because his story spoke to us. Almost as soon as we did that, a wonderful foster home came forward for him. We love our fosters! They help us save lives and they restore our hope that we can keep doing this. Rascal is learning the ropes now in a new home and we'll update with some new pictures soon. For now, a picture from his shelter days....

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